Michael Makarov

Immigrant. Engineer. Comedian.

Michael jokes about what it takes to be a Russian immigrant in America, how internet transforms people, and how ridiculous his dating life is.

Stand-up Journey

Michael started his standup journey years ago by accident. He once got drunk at a bar in the Marina district and began yelling at a group of bros. He shouted: 'Standup, standup!' in his thick accent. Everyone else thought he was performing a comedy set and applauded. That instantly converted Michael into a standup comic. Since 2013 he’s been performing all over the US, Asia, and Europe. He regularly appears at comedy venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

San Francisco

After moving to San Francisco a decade ago Michael worked at a slew of Silicon Valley’s tech companies. Overtime he became a contributor to city's steady gentrification.

Comedy vs. Nerds

He runs Comedy vs. Nerds show, a loved show in San Francisco, that sold out such prime venues as the Punchline, Pianofight, The Setup, as well as private clean comedy shows at tech companies (such as Google and smaller startups).

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